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You can get a free quote at It’s the easy way to find out how much college will cost you, and what earning your degree will look like. ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organization, has been making waves with their highly-functional and modular workhorse launch vehicle, the PSLV, which has maintained an amazing track record and even pioneered new advancements by launching 104 satellites on flight PSLV-C37 in 2017. Check out Planet Labs' website here: Other notable missions include Chandrayaan-1, their mission to the moon and Mangalyaan-1, or the Mars Orbiter Mission, which they pulled off for only $73 million dollars. Support me on Patreon! Follow me at all my places! Instagram: Snapchat: Facebook: Twitter: LINKS LINKS LINKS: Documentary on Chandryaan-1: Sci Show on ISRO: Learn about their launch vehicles on their website:

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