The MOST UNQIUE Place I've been - Hampi, INDIA TRAVEL VLOG

This is the most unique place Ive been. Hampi Karnataka. Spent the day exploring Hampi, Karnataka. Hampi is the bouldering capital of India, along with being a huge religious site. Off the beaten path a little bit but DEFINETLY Worth a visit. Riding through the vast rice terraces surrounded by bouldering mountains is pretty surreal. Hampi, Karnataka is super unique and beautiful. FOR INQUIRIES PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL: //Music\\ //My Equipment\\ MY ACTION CAMERA: MY DRONE: MY VLOGGING CAMERA: MY TRAVEL BACKPACK: MY CAMERA BACKPACK: //Edited using\\ Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Photoshop //Social Media\\ Website || Twitter || Instagram || Snapchat || Noahvde Email:

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