Ongc gujrat important document for verification 2019 || Ongc latest updates

#gujratongcdocumentverification #studyworld3d #jitendrakushwaha #gujratongc #ongcdocumentverification #ongc Hey friends, Myself jitendra kushwaha...& I am always there for you and I always update new videos on my channel about industrial jobs and important details. In this video we'll discuss about the important document format according to Annexure 01 for gujrat ongc document verification at the time of joining. (Part 02) Part 01 video link : My upcoming video (Part 03) On the basis of document upload step by step ! Thank you so much ! Please #subscribe my channel for more upcoming videos and latest ongc updates 2019-20. #Important document list according to annexure 01 : check via given link : #Jaikushwaha #statusera21

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