The fake sting operation--Shazia Ilmi (Raw Video)

When the reporter approaches Shazia, she refuses to help without any documentary evidence. Shazia is clearly in a hurry to leave. When she stands up to leave a crucial piece of the footage has been edited out. Shazia says, "We will only do it if we have concrete evidence. I have been a TV journalist for so many years. Hum jhoot nahin bolenge. We will not lie." She ends the conversation and is ready to leave when she is asked about donating to the Party. She says that donations can be made in cheque or cash and a receipt will be provided. When the reporter says she does not want a receipt, Shazia says cash be used to pay volunteer salaries (the word "seedha" is not used as claimed by the sting transcript) and the cash can shown 'in that [...volunteer stipend] account'. Shazia says Rs.20,000 can be paid by cheque and the reporter replies that they will pay '10'. There is no mention of lakhs as claimed by news channels. The reporter does not contradict Shazia when she mentions 25,000 and makes no reference to 'lakhs of rupees'. Shazia tries to leave and reporter follows her. Shazia is seen saying "haan, haan" to evade the reporter. Finally when asked if Shazia would be willing to help if the reporter is unable to provide any evidence, she says it would be good if there was documentary evidence.

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